Case Details

Man run over by car in a driveway

Chest & Head Injury

Suffolk Superior Court

$1,270,000 Million - Jury Verdict

Leg injury by a pedestrian hit by a car while waiting on a sidewalk

Suffolk Superior Court

$1,250,000 Million - settled the next day after filing suit

Dog bite settlement from two Pitbulls on pregnant woman – Paid by Homeowners Insurance

$175,000 - Mass Fair Plan Insurance

Moped accident with broken leg and jaw

Suffolk Superior Court

$435,000 - settled after suit and prior to mediation

Leg and hip injury by pedestrian hit by a car in crosswalk

Defendant claimed the sun was in her eyes

Suffolk Superior Court

$550,000 - settled at mediation

Lip and tooth injury

Passenger in a car being driven by a teenager

$100,000 - Four months after the accident

Auto Accident

Back injury with surgery – struck by an elderly woman not paying attention

Middlesex Superior Court

$175,000 - settled at mediation

Broken Arm

Passenger in an auto accident


Man falls from 3rd floor deck

Broken leg

Suffolk Superior Court


Auto Accident – mother and two children hurt

Back injury with surgery

Middlesex Superior Court

$120,000 - settled after filing suit

Back injury from a car accident


Double amputation above the knee – taxi driver struck by another taxi. Case litigation in Suffolk Superior Court – MassPort paid the entire settlement (shared legal fee)

$2,500,000 - Settled with MassPort

Pregnant woman on a MBTA bus had the back doors close on her forcing her into premature labor and a C-Section – Settled at Mediation – June 2019

$750,000 - MBTA Bus Accident

18 year old man with the right of way struck by elderly driver. Glass particles in his eye causing permanent damage – Settled at Mediation – June 2018

$430,000 T-Bone Auto Accident