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Personal Injury Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton, Massachusetts

When you need legal assistance in Newton, Massachusetts, finding the right lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure in your case. You need a seasoned legal professional who is dedicated to giving you the advocacy that will win your case and help you move forward with your life. This is what you will find at the Law Offices of Brett Levy P.C. of Massachusetts. When you need legal advice, we’re here for you.

To prove a personal injury case in Newton, Massachusetts, a lawyer must be able to show that the negligence of the defendant was the cause of the injury to the plaintiff or injured victim. Often, this is pretty straightforward, but sometimes it can become quite complicated in these cases. When you’ve been harmed by someone’s negligence, you need a legal professional who truly understands the law.

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you may be experiencing something that is strange and new. You will have different feelings, ranging from anger to confusion. Having someone put a pair of handcuffs on you is enough to make you fearful for the future and wondering how you will get yourself set to rights in this situation. So, should this occur, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The justice system is a big machine that you can’t deal with alone, so get a professional to help, which is available for you right now.

Types of Claims Our Newton, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

The area of personal injury in law covers a large amount of territory. It’s a comprehensive area that can include a huge variety of physical injuries as well as emotional traumas. Possible defendants can be individuals, corporations, or even the government. The Law Offices of Brett Levy P.C. are a full-service law firm that deals with all types of personal injury cases in Newton, Massachusetts, and understands the nuances in the law to be the best option for representation in these cases.

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Newton, Massachusetts Today

If you’ve been in a car accident in which you were injured, speak with a car accident attorney in Newton, Massachusetts today. Even if you do not believe your injury is serious, the symptoms of some car accident injuries, like whiplash, are not always evident immediately after the collision, and you may have medical expenses later on. Sometimes, an injury can manifest days, weeks or even months after a loss. In these cases, you will want an experienced car accident attorney, who will help you take all the appropriate steps to protect yourself in the future after you’ve been in an accident.

Drunk Driving Defense in Newton, Massachusetts

When you’re dealing with a charge of drunk driving in Newton, Massachusetts, things have just gotten serious. Don’t wait, thinking that nothing will happen until you act. This is the biggest fallacy! Whether you are properly represented or not, major life altering decisions can and will be made without you if you don’t act now. Call a drunk driving defense attorney as soon as you can. With the strict drunk driving laws of the state of Massachusetts, you need to be sure you have a legal professional on your side. The Law Offices of Brett Levy P.C. will offer you that kind of experienced legal help that your case requires right now.

Contact a DUI/OUI Defense Attorney in Newton, Massachusetts

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, contact a DUI/OUI defense attorney in Newton, Massachusetts today. The Law Offices of Brett Levy P.C. will come to your aid in order that you don’t have to face law enforcement alone. We serve the cities of Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton, Worcester, Somerville, Malden, Quincy, Lynn, Newton, and Waltham, Massachusetts, and we are eager to help you. Call us at 617-338-2700 or 617-821-9212 and let us give you the guidance and comprehensive legal experience that you need and that you can trust.