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Verdicts & Settlements

Man run over by car in a driveway

Chest & Head Injury

Suffolk Superior Court

$1,270,000 Million - Jury Verdict

Leg injury by a pedestrian hit by a car while waiting on a sidewalk

Suffolk Superior Court

$1,250,000 Million - settled the next day after filing suit

Dog bite settlement from two Pitbulls on pregnant woman – Paid by Homeowners Insurance

$175,000 - Mass Fair Plan Insurance

Moped accident with broken leg and jaw

Suffolk Superior Court

$435,000 - settled after suit and prior to mediation

Leg and hip injury by pedestrian hit by a car in crosswalk

Defendant claimed the sun was in her eyes

Suffolk Superior Court

$550,000 - settled at mediation

Lip and tooth injury

Passenger in a car being driven by a teenager

$100,000 - Four months after the accident

Auto Accident

Back injury with surgery – struck by an elderly woman not paying attention

Middlesex Superior Court

$175,000 - settled at mediation

Broken Arm

Passenger in an auto accident


Man falls from 3rd floor deck

Broken leg

Suffolk Superior Court


Auto Accident – mother and two children hurt

Back injury with surgery

Middlesex Superior Court

$120,000 - settled after filing suit

Back injury from a car accident


Double amputation above the knee – taxi driver struck by another taxi. Case litigation in Suffolk Superior Court – MassPort paid the entire settlement (shared legal fee)

$2,500,000 - Settled with MassPort

Pregnant woman on a MBTA bus had the back doors close on her forcing her into premature labor and a C-Section – Settled at Mediation – June 2019

$750,000 - MBTA Bus Accident

18 year old man with the right of way struck by elderly driver. Glass particles in his eye causing permanent damage – Settled at Mediation – June 2018

$430,000 T-Bone Auto Accident
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After an injury or accident, you may feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Having an experienced professional helping you will get your life back on track. We will fight for the compensation you're entitled to.
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Brett Levy, of the Law Offices of Brett Levy, is a Boston attorney focusing in personal injury, auto accident, and criminal law. In these articles he discusses what to do following a car accident, how to prepare for your personal injury case, and how to choose a criminal lawyer.

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